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Langhorne PA - Whole House Energy Essessments

Our “Whole House Energy Essessment” uses building science to help us diagnose and create a treatment plan that will increase your home’s energy efficiency & comfort, lower your utility bills, reduce your carbon footprint, improve the indoor air quality, and extend your structure’s durability in your home in Langhorne PA.

It is so much more than a clipboard audit that some companies call an “Energy Audit”. We have three levels of our “Whole Home Performance Check-Up”: Fundamental, Diagnostic and Comprehensive. Call us for a free phone consultation to see which one is right for you in Langhorne PA.

What is an Energy Audit? Langhorne PA

The need to reduce energy costs is a crucial business practice for successful organizations, and energy audits have begun to play a more significant role in managing energy expenses in Langhorne PA. Energy audits can encompass a variety of surveying techniques but most commonly consist of an analysis of energy usage within a building or facility and its contained equipment. Energy audits can be ASHRAE Level I, II, or III for conditioned space, or comprehensive or tactical energy surveys for industrial facilities. Audits include comprehensive lists of energy efficiency measures derived from building and facility performance. Energy audits also include financial analysis for each identified measure. Energy audits can use information from building management systems (BMS) with the goal of reducing energy usage without negatively impacting the company’s everyday practices. Industrial energy audits often focus on key aspects of the overall system that tend to use the most energy. Common examples of audited equipment include HVAC, lighting, and plug load.

After Test Day - Langhorne PA

After completing our thorough audit and home performance tests, we’ll analyze the results to diagnose what issues exist and how to best correct them. You’ll receive a copy of the results in a clear, easy-to-understand report. You will also have a draft of your Home Energy Modeling System (HERS) score from the energy modeling software. A member of our team will review the findings with you and provide all the information you need to make informed decisions on our suggested “treatment plan”. You’ll understand the nature of the issues, as well as the corrective options in your home in Langhorne PA. The HERS report lists the suggested retrofits and what the savings will be so you can determine what option is most financially beneficial to you.

Langhorne PA - Whole House Energy Essessments - Audits

Langhorne PA - Whole House Energy Essessments - Audits